Once in a Blue Moon

You may have heard the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”,

knowing it stands for something that doesn’t occur often, but have you ever wondered what a blue moon actually is?  Like many coined phrases in history, here are several definitions behind the term “blue moon”.

The first, and what comes to mind when you think of what a blue moon would be, is listed as the very rare occasion where the moon actually carries a blueish hue, due to particular floating particles in the atmosphere.  You may rest your eyes upon this type of blue moon only a few times during the course of your life.

The second, the most commonplace definition of a blue moon, is when two full moons occur in a single calendar month, for example, this month, March of 2018!  The full moon on March 31st will be a blue moon, and also our Admiral Sarah’s birthday- though she may not want you knowing that…!

The third is a blue moon where it is defined as there being three or four full moons in a season.  So if there are four full moons during spring, that is indeed something that happens once in a blue moon!

And there you go!! The power of knowledge!  Will you be joining us for our blue moon this month? More details here