The Schooner Freedom has been sailing the waters of historic St. Augustine since 2001 and is listed as one of the top ten attractions in St. Augustine by USA Today. We offer relaxing Day, Romantic Sunset, and Enchanting Moonlight Sails, as well as a variety of special events throughout the year. Our family invites your family to join us for an amazing sailing experience.


Sara Leclaire

This week’s Schedule:


monday march 20th
12:15 1 1/2 hour FAMILY DAY SAIL
2:15 2 hour day sail
5:45  2 hr Sunset Sail


tuesday march 21st
12:15 1 1/2 hr Family Day Sail
2:15 2 hr day sail
5:45 2 hour sunset sail

wednesday march 22nd
12:15 1 1/2 hr family Day Sail
2:15 2 HR DAY SAIL
5:45  2 hr Sunset Sail
thursday March 23rd
12:15 1 1/2 HR FAMILY DAY SAIL
2:15 2 HR DAY SAIL
Friday march 24th
day sail-sold out
5:45 2 hr Sunset Sail