Freedom and Her Crew

Schooner Freedom under full sail. Schooner Freedom under full sail.

The Freedom

Freedom is an authentic replica of a 19th-century blockade-runner. She is a double masted, gaff-rigged, topsail schooner. Naval architect Merritt Walters and his marine construction company, Rover Marine, Inc., designed and built Freedom, the first of his many Rover schooners, in 1982 in Norfolk, Virginia. The Schooner Freedom is built of steel with aluminum masts and spars. The Freedom’s sparred length is 76 feet while her length on deck is 64 feet. Freedom’s beam is 15 feet 4 inches and her draft is 6 feet. Her main mast height is 62 feet and she carries a total sail area of 2400 feet. Freedom was built with stringent attention paid to water depth and bridge height along the Intracoastal Waterway, making her the perfect vessel for both inland and offshore sailing. The Freedom was the first sailing tour boat to be certified under the Coast Guard sub-chapter ‘T’ to carry passengers for hire since the great days of sail. Under this certificate she is licensed to carry forty-one passengers and required to have a master and two crew members.

The Captains and Crew

Captain John & Admiral Sarah

John & Sarah have been sailing for most of their adult lives. Over the years, John and Sarah owned and sailed on a 32 foot West Sail sailboat they rebuilt and named the Athene. They currently sail their CT 56.
They logged thousands of miles under the keel, sailing between Texas to the Florida Keys and up to Maine. They have also had the privilege to sail with their daughter in the Med on the super yacht she works on. John and Sarah purchased the Schooner Freedom in 2000, completed a year-long refit, and launched her in 2001 as a charter boat in St. Augustine, FL.
John and Sarah love to share their passion and joy of sailing with others.

Captain Steven Groh

Captain Steve, born and raised in Chicago IL, has always been drawn to the water. He is new to, but already in love with St. Augustine. Steve started his warm-weather life in 2010 when he moved to Fort Lauderdale to pursue a life on the ocean. Since then he has become a full-time liveaboard sailor. He has spent the past 7 years sailing and living on his own 37′ sailboat.  He travels have taken him as far South as Guatemala and as far north as New England. Spending more time on water than dry land, Steve loves to share his deep passion and love for the ocean and sailing with our guests aboard Freedom.

Sydney Zaruba – First Mate

Sydney has been sailing her entire life. Born and raised on her parents’ boat, the Athene, Sydney went sailing for the first time at the tender age of 6 days old and hasn’t stopped since. Since the Freedom’s launch in 2001, she has been either below decks, doing homework, above decks, working the sails, or behind the scenes, working the office and as our resident blogger and social media expert. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2017 as a Broadcasting and Communications major and is a world traveller and yogi, always looking for the next adventure.  Sydney also works as a travel agent with Explorateur Travel and is a travel blogger at The Boho Traveller.  In her spare time she travels the world and picks up work on Super Sailing Yachts, she is currently in Palma, Mallorca and will return to Freedom in the Fall 2022!

Jack Zaruba – Bosun

Jack, the youngest child to John and Sarah, is 22 years old and is a senior attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.  He has been on ships his entire life, and joined the ranks of the crew at a young age of 2, being the favorite of many a passenger aboard the ship. He will be trading in his sea legs for mountain legs while in the Colorado Rockies but will return to a life at sea during the summer. Jack will be graduating Fort Lewis  in the fall and has decided to train as the next captain of the Freedom, since he learned becoming a T-Rex is out of the question.

Taylor Conlon
Taylor was born and raised in St. Augustine. She is a graduate from Clemson University with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. While in Grenada furthering her degree is where she discovered another one of her passions; Everything on the Water! Sailing, Scuba, free diving, and ocean conservation. Taylor has logged thousands of sailing miles and you can keep up with her on her blog Tea n Sea Travel.

Tennaysn Porter

Tennasyn was born and raised in Texas and is currently attending Flagler College getting a degree in Coastal Environmental Science.  She loves all outdoor activities and feels most fulfilled when she is on the water. She is currently working on her Sea Time for her captain’s license. Tennasyn ultimate goal is to have her own Ecotourism business on the water and being a
Salt Water Cowboy!

Noah Sablich

Noah is a St Augustine native and attended Florida State of Jax. He has spent the last year and half living in Italy, Croatia, & Bosnia, he is fluent in all three languages. Noah is getting his degree in Building Construction. Noah is actively looking for a sailboat for a life and career on the water.

Cara  Bevilacqua
Cara is a native New Yorker with a passion for travel, the Arts and any outdoor activity- especially camping! With a degree in Art from Flagler College she operates a small business teaching art classes online to people all over the country.  Cara is trained in River Dance( fun fact) and loves spending her free time road tripping, crafting and now SAILING!
You can find out about Cara’s art at or @coastaldesignworkshops

Mackenzie Kohlbeck
Mackenzie is a native Floridian born and raised in St Augustine. She has studied Marine Biology at The University of West Florida and hopes  to get into the University of North Floridia’s Shark and Ray Program so she can follow her passion of elasmobranch conservation. Mackenzie ‘s end goal is to make documentaries raising awareness for marine conservation. She hopes to own her on ecotourism shark business so she can educate people  about the importance these magnificent creatures are and their importance to marine preservation

Martin Burnette
Martin is a Georgia transplant and 
a recent graduate of Flagler College with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  He works both the office and the boat. He is looking forward to owning his own upscale dinner cruise one day.

Gina Manz

Originally from New York, Gina attended Belmont in Abbey, NC with a BA in psychology.  She moved to St. Augustine from NY in 2013 after owning a spa for 7 years.  Gina Has one fur baby named Lucy. Gina Loves to bake, be in the sun, travel, and living close to the beach is a dream come true. She is currently learning Italian, and is happy to be the Freedom’s Office gal extraordinaire.  
Office Mascot and Generator of Spontaneous Smiles! Lucy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
She keeps Gina on her toes full time.