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    Captain Donut

    Happy National Donut Day! Growing up, in the home of Captain John Zaruba, donuts were a regular breakfast choice.  I can remember one Easter in particular where we were heading up to grandma’s house and stopped to get donuts.  I popped in my headphones, munching on a strawberry frosted.  When I went back for a second, they were all gone.  “WHERE DID THEY GO?!” I asked my mom in disbelief….”Ask your father”, she told me, as he proudly popped the rest of the deliciousness in his mouth.  The story became well known throughout our family. To my cousins, my father became Uncle Donut, which later spread to friends and morphed…

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    Blessing of the Fleet

    The Tradition "Throughout the years, the Blessing of the Fleet has all the majesty of tradition and the solemnity of a religious ceremony.  Gaily decorated shrimp boats, private yachts and small pleasure crafts participate in the tradition blessing.  This custom began centuries ago to bless and protect the fishing vessels and their crew and to insure their safe return to port.  As the vessels pass by the municipal pier, they are solemnly blessed by the Bishop or pastor of the Cathedral Of St. Augustine with the recitation of the Ancient Prayer of the Sea.  "May the Blessing of Almighty God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost descend upon…

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    Once in a Blue Moon

    You may have heard the phrase "Once in a Blue Moon", knowing it stands for something that doesn't occur often, but have you ever wondered what a blue moon actually is?  Like many coined phrases in history, here are several definitions behind the term "blue moon". The first, and what comes to mind when you think of what a blue moon would be, is listed as the very rare occasion where the moon actually carries a blueish hue, due to particular floating particles in the atmosphere.  You may rest your eyes upon this type of blue moon only a few times during the course of your life. The second, the…